Hollywood Smile

Turning your dream of a radiant Hollywood smile into a reality is no longer limited to the rich and famous. Here at Lema Dental Clinic, we specialize in making this highly sought-after aesthetic accessible to everyone.

Hollywood Smile

With our precise techniques and artistic approach, we can transform your smile into something truly remarkable.

We have established a strong reputation for our meticulous approach, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and advanced dental practices. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every smile we create not only looks spectacular but also feels completely natural.

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Whether you are considering veneers, whitening, or a complete smile makeover, our expert team is dedicated to creating a smile that seamlessly fits your facial features and personal style.

Located in the heart of Turkey, a renowned hub for dental excellence, Lema Dental Clinic offers an unparalleled combination of quality, affordability, and luxury in dental care. Choosing a Hollywood Smile at our clinic means receiving top-notch treatment in a welcoming and professional environment.

Our success stories are countless. Patients from around the world praise their transformative results—outcomes that not only enhance their appearance but also boost their confidence and quality of life.


Embark on a journey towards achieving the perfect smile with us and experience why Lema Dental Clinic is the ultimate choice for individuals in search of an authentic, dazzling Hollywood smile.

What exactly is a Hollywood Smile?

A Hollywood smile is more than just a smile. It represents the epitome of perfect dental aesthetics, sought after for its ability to give you radiant, perfectly aligned white teeth. At Lema Dental Clinic, we specialize in turning ordinary smiles into the coveted Hollywood look. The hallmark of a Hollywood smile is its flawless appearance, which is typically achieved through a combination of treatments like veneers, crowns, and cutting-edge teeth whitening techniques.

If you're thinking about undergoing this life-changing dental procedure, it's crucial to grasp the elements that contribute to a Hollywood smile. It's not solely about achieving whiter teeth; it also involves ensuring that they are flawlessly aligned and shaped to enhance your facial structure. This process demands meticulous planning and precision, both of which our skilled dental team at Lema Dental Clinic can guarantee.

A Hollywood smile is the ultimate investment in both your confidence and appearance. It goes beyond mere cosmetic appeal, providing additional benefits like improved bite alignment and oral health. This comprehensive approach ensures that your new smile is not only beautiful, but also functional.

Achieve a Hollywood Smile with Dentistry

The journey to a Hollywood smile at Lema Dental Clinic begins with a thorough dental examination. Our experts assess your oral health and discuss your aesthetic goals. Based on this initial consultation, a personalized treatment plan is created, tailored to your specific needs, whether it's correcting misalignments, filling gaps, or achieving the perfect white shine.

The dental treatments for a Hollywood Smile can range from simple whitening to complex reconstructions with veneers and crowns. At Lema Dental Clinic, we use advanced materials and techniques to ensure that each procedure not only enhances aesthetics but also preserves the health of your natural teeth.

Post-treatment care is crucial, and we provide comprehensive guidance on maintaining your Hollywood smile.

Regular check-ups, proper hygiene practices, and occasional touch-ups can help extend the lifespan of your dental work and ensure that your smile remains radiant in the years to come.

Veneers: Achieving a Hollywood Smile

Veneers play a crucial role in achieving the coveted Hollywood Smile. Here at Lema Dental Clinic, we utilize porcelain veneers to bring about a remarkable transformation in the look of your teeth. These delicate ceramic layers are meticulously crafted to adhere to the front surface of your teeth, resulting in a radiant, consistent, and long-lasting finish that closely resembles the strength and appearance of natural enamel.

The application of Hollywood Smile veneers requires meticulous preparation and precise placement. Our team of dental specialists ensures that each veneer is perfectly fitted, enhancing the overall aesthetics while maintaining the functionality of your teeth. The end result is a durable and natural-looking smile that can withstand the demands of daily life.

Patients frequently choose Hollywood Smile veneers due to their conservative approach to enhancing the appearance of teeth. These veneers can effectively conceal a variety of imperfections, including stains, chips, misalignments, and gaps. When properly cared for, veneers from Lema Dental Clinic can last for many years, making them a worthwhile investment in your smile.

Hollywood Perfect Smile

When it comes to achieving a flawless Hollywood smile, traditional dental treatments are just the beginning. It's about crafting a smile that harmonizes perfectly with your unique features. At Lema Dental Clinic, our team takes into account various factors, including facial symmetry, skin tone, and the natural contours of your teeth, to create a smile that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Hollywood Perfect Smile

A Hollywood Perfect Smile is distinguished by its meticulous customization. We ensure that every aspect of your smile transformation, from the color of your veneers to the shape of each individual tooth, is tailored to enhance your overall appearance. This level of detail sets apart a standard smile makeover from a Hollywood Perfect Smile.

Patient satisfaction is our top priority, and we take pride in delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our Hollywood Perfect Smile treatments are a testament to our commitment to excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Every patient leaves our clinic with a smile that is not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to their personality and lifestyle.

The Cost of a Hollywood Smile

For individuals considering a cosmetic enhancement like a Hollywood Smile, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the associated costs. At Lema Dental Clinic, we prioritize transparency in our pricing by providing detailed breakdowns of all aspects of the treatment plan. The costs of a Hollywood Smile can vary depending on the extent of the required procedures and the materials utilized.

In general, the costs of a Hollywood Smile at our clinic reflect the use of high-quality materials and the expertise of our skilled professionals. While the investment in your smile may appear significant, the benefits in terms of confidence and improved dental health are truly invaluable. To ensure accessibility for all, we also offer financing options.

The cost-effectiveness of a Hollywood Smile in Turkey is widely recognized, attracting patients from all over the world. Our clinic in Antalya, in particular, is renowned for providing exceptional dental care at competitive prices. Whether you are a local resident or an international visitor, Lema Dental Clinic offers outstanding value for your investment in a Hollywood Smile.

Treatment OptionDescriptionCosts
BeratungErsteinschätzung durch zahnmedizinische Experten.$50 - $100
ZahnaufhellungProfessionelles Bleaching-Verfahren.$200 - $600
ZahnveneersPorzellan- oder Verbundveneers pro Zahn.$250 - $2,500
ZahnkronenPro Krone zur Abdeckung beschädigter oder kariöser Zähne.$500 - $2,500
ZahnfleischkonturierungNeuformung des Zahnfleischrandes zur Verbesserung der Ästhetik.$50 - $350 pro Zahn
Kieferorthopädische BehandlungGegebenenfalls vorbereitende Ausrichtung der Zähne.$2,000 - $8,000
Komplettes Lächeln-MakeoverKombination von Verfahren für eine Komplettüberholung.$5,000 - $30,000
Cost of Hollywood Smile

This table serves as a general reference for patients regarding the expected costs of the various components involved in a Hollywood Smile treatment at a typical dental clinic. It's crucial to keep in mind that prices can vary considerably based on factors such as geographical location, the clinic's reputation, the materials utilized, and the unique requirements of each patient. Therefore, it is advisable for patients to consult their dental clinic to receive a personalized and accurate quote that caters to their specific needs.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Turkey has emerged as a renowned destination for dental tourism, particularly for individuals in pursuit of a Hollywood Smile. The amalgamation of skilled dentists, cutting-edge technology, and competitive pricing renders Turkey an appealing choice for patients across the globe.

Welcome to Lema Dental Clinic, situated in the heart of Turkey. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of dental care. Our esteemed clients select us for our outstanding reputation and our expertise in providing breathtaking Hollywood Smiles, all at a fraction of the cost compared to many Western countries.

Whether you're planning a visit to Istanbul or Antalya, our clinics are specifically designed to offer you the highest level of care. Turkey not only provides a cost-effective solution for your dental needs, but it also presents an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in its vibrant culture and experience its warm hospitality during your dental journey.

The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Turkey

The cost of a Hollywood Smile in Turkey can vary based on the specific treatments and level of customization needed. At Lema Dental Clinic, we are committed to providing transparent and easy-to-understand pricing to assist our patients in making well-informed decisions.

Our prices are competitive and accurately reflect the quality of materials and expertise of our dental team. We prioritize transparency by making all costs clear and ensuring there are no unexpected surprises. Our patients truly value the exceptional value they receive, as we strive to offer affordable prices without compromising on the high standards of care we provide.

StadtDurchschnittskostenKlinikoptionenBemerkenswerte Funktionen
Istanbul$2,700-$4,200Lema-Klinik und andereFührende Kliniken mit fortschrittlicher Technologie; Heimat der besten Spezialisten.
Ankara$2,600-$4,100Vielfältiges KlinikangebotHauptstadt mit unterschiedlicher Qualität der Dienstleistungen; Einige Kliniken verfügen nicht über die neueste Technologie.
Izmir$2,550-$3,900Boutique-KlinikenKüstenstadt, landschaftlich reizvoll, aber inkonsistente klinische Ergebnisse.
Antalya$3,900-$4,800TouristenlieblingBeliebt für Urlauber, es kann jedoch zu höheren Touristenaufschlägen und geschäftigeren Zeiten kommen.
Bursa$2,250-$3,300Kostengünstige OptionenErschwinglicher, aber oft weniger ausgestattet und erfahren in hochwertigen kosmetischen Eingriffen.
Hollywood-Lächelns Türkei Preis

When comparing prices in different Turkish cities such as Istanbul and Antalya, it becomes evident that the variations primarily stem from differences in overhead costs and local economic factors. Nevertheless, the costs for a Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey remain highly competitive compared to other countries, which contributes to its popularity among both domestic and international patients.

Hollywood Smile Antalya

Antalya is not just a breathtaking tourist destination, but also a prominent center for top-notch dental care. The Hollywood Smile Antalya Clinic has gained a reputation for its exceptional skill in creating Hollywood Smiles. Our facility seamlessly integrates cutting-edge dental technology with highly trained professionals to deliver outstanding results.

Patients opt for Antalya to get their Hollywood Smile, not only because of the exceptional quality of care but also because of the overall experience. The city provides a serene environment where patients can seamlessly blend their dental treatments with a vacation, indulging in the breathtaking beaches and historic sites that Antalya has to offer.

At our clinic in Antalya, we take great pride in providing a positive dental treatment experience. From the initial consultation to the final reveal of your Hollywood Smile, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless, comfortable, and fulfilling journey. The remarkable results speak for themselves, as our patients not only leave with a new smile but also with a newfound sense of confidence.

Hollywood Smile Istanbul

Istanbul is renowned as a bustling metropolis that provides outstanding dental treatments, including the highly sought-after Hollywood Smile. At Lema Dental Clinic in Istanbul, we employ cutting-edge techniques and materials to deliver exceptional aesthetic results.

Our clinic in Istanbul is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry, offering customized solutions for individuals who desire a Hollywood Smile. The city's cosmopolitan atmosphere, coupled with our cutting-edge facilities, provides a one-of-a-kind dental experience.

When patients visit our clinic, Hollywood Smile Istanbul, they can expect a perfect fusion of traditional hospitality and modern dental care. The cultural richness of Istanbul, coupled with the exceptional expertise of our dentists, guarantees an unforgettable and satisfying journey towards dental renewal.

Hollywood Perfect Smile Reviews

At Lema Dental Clinic, we highly appreciate the feedback from our patients. The reviews and testimonials about our Hollywood Perfect Smiles have been overwhelmingly positive, which is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing excellent dental care.

Our patients frequently share how their new smiles have transformed their overall quality of life. They value the meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach we employ when creating each Hollywood Perfect Smile.

5/5 (2 Reviews)


  1. This Hollywood smile has exceeded all my expectations. Truly amazing! thank u lema clinic

  2. My teeth were always uneven and yellow. Getting a Hollywood smile made me a completely different person. I’m not afraid to smile anymore and everyone tells me how great I look. Thanks

  3. Before I had the Hollywood smile, I was ashamed to smile. My favorite thing now is taking photos!

  4. I went to Turkey to get a Hollywood smile and I’m so happy I made this decision. The results are incredible and I love my new smile!

  5. Getting a Hollywood smile was one of the best investments for me. I am now more confident in myself and more successful in business life. Thank you Lema Clinic

  6. Before I had the Hollywood smile, I had decay and fractures in my teeth. I was ashamed of smiling, and this had a negative impact on my social life. Now I am more confident and not afraid to smile. This is something priceless to me.

  7. I’m thinking of going to Turkey to get a Hollywood smile. Is this a good idea?

    1. Hello Nicholas,

      Turkey has modern facilities and experienced dentists who provide quality dentistry services. Additionally, it often offers services at more affordable prices compared to other countries.

  8. The Hollywood smile was the perfect choice for me and I recommend it to everyone.

    1. Hello Julia,

      The Hollywood smile has many advantages:

      -Aesthetic improvement: The Hollywood smile improves the color, shape and alignment of the teeth, allowing you to achieve an aesthetically appealing smile.

      -Increased self-confidence: A more aesthetic smile often increases an individual’s self-confidence and can help them feel more comfortable in social interactions.

      -Personal and professional benefits: A good smile can help you make a positive impression at job interviews, social events and other personal or professional opportunities.

      -Younger appearance: Whitening and reshaping your teeth often rejuvenates the overall appearance of your face and reduces signs of aging.

      -Functional improvement: The Hollywood smile not only offers aesthetic improvements, it also has the potential to straighten your teeth and increase chewing function.

      -Long-term investment: When well cared for, the Hollywood smile can last for many years and provide a healthy smile with regular maintenance.

  9. my hollywood smile is very comfortable and long-lasting. I dont worry about using it every day.

  10. I had a gap between my teeth. Thanks to the Hollywood smile, these gaps were closed and my smile became even more beautiful.

  11. My teeth used to be very short. Thanks to the Hollywood smile, my teeth have become longer and have a more beautiful appearance.

  12. I think the Hollywood smile procedure was easier and faster than I thought. My doctor and his team were very professional and caring.

  13. Thanks to Hollywood smile, more people are interested in me and want to communicate. Thank you Lema Clinic

  14. My teeth look very natural and no one noticed that I had them fixed. My doctor designed a perfect smile for me.

  15. I’ve been searching for a Hollywood smile for a long time and I finally found the right doctor. I am very pleased with the procedure and I thank my doctor very much.

  16. Hollywood smile is not just an aesthetic procedure. It can also improve the function of teeth and make functions such as chewing and speaking easier.

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