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dental clinic istanbul award

Revitalizing Smiles, Boosting Assurance: Lema Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Your Gateway to Aesthetic Perfection

Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul excels in medical tourism, specializing in transformative aesthetic treatments. Our skilled surgeons and doctors and advanced technology guarantee precise and secure procedures. With 50,000+ successful treatments, we're a trusted name for life-changing experiences. We offer life-changing experiences for those seeking improved well-being and self-confidence.

We offer life-changing experiences for those seeking improved well-being and self-confidence.


    Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul is at your service for your dental treatments with state-of-the-art technological methods and devices, A-grade materials, and a guarantee for each one of your dental treatments.

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    A dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone in place of a lost...

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    Teeth whitening at Lema Dental Clinic: Brighter smiles in one s...

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    Our clinic, offers the best quality, ‘A’ class, teeth veneers for the patient who wishes f...

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    While preparing a new smile design, or smile makeover, for our international patients, we...

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    With our international patients always in mind, we at Lema can now offer full ‘All-on-F...

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    Root canal treatment saves infected teeth by removing damaged tissue and sealing the area to pr...

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A Luxurious Path to
Spa and Hotel Induced Aesthetic Renewal

Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul, in order to make your dental treatment process as comfortable and unforgettable as possible, offers Istanbul hotel accommodation, all free of charge, including breakfast, and a unique spa experience included in the process.

Lema Dental Clinic offers free Istanbul hotel accommodation, including breakfast,and a unique spa experience to make your dental treatment comfortable and unforgettable.

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100% Digital System

The 100% Digital Smile Design offered at Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul is a groundbreaking advancement in dentistry, utilizing high-resolution 3D digital scanning and design to enhance both the treatment experience and outcomes. This innovative method is crucial in developing personalized treatment plans, significantly impacting the efficacy of cosmetic dental treatments and orthodontic care. By adopting this technology, Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul ensures impeccable outcomes, with treatments precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. The meticulous attention to detail and customization provided by the 100% Digital Smile Design promises exceptional results in cosmetic and orthodontic dental treatments.

Excellence in
Dental Materials

Ivoclar, a brand synonymous with quality and reliability in dental materials, is prominently featured at Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul, adhering to the highest international standards. This collaboration highlights the clinic's commitment to using only the most advanced, high-performance materials in dental treatments. Ivoclar's products are renowned for their durability and longevity, promising patients long-lasting results that do not compromise on aesthetics. By integrating aesthetics with functionality, Ivoclar ensures that the outcomes not only look natural but are also built to last. The partnership between Lema Dental Clinic and Ivoclar is a testament to the clinic's dedication to providing top-tier dental care, utilizing materials that guarantee durable and aesthetically pleasing results.

dental clinic materials
dental clinic istanbul

Supreme Quality in
Dental Implant Materials

Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul proudly incorporates Straumann dental implants, known globally for their high quality and reliability, into its array of dental services. This collaboration signifies Lema Dental Clinic's dedication to delivering advanced and dependable dental restoration solutions. Straumann's commitment to excellence ensures that patients at Lema Dental Clinic benefit from implants that offer durability and a natural fit, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of dental care. By choosing Straumann dental implants, Lema Dental Clinic aligns itself with a standard of care that prioritizes superior outcomes, ensuring that their patients enjoy results that are both lasting and aesthetically appealing.

Special Events Organized
by Lema Dental Clinic

Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul organizes engaging and special events for its patients. These events, tailored to create memorable experiences such as Night Parties and Turkish Cultural Nights, provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, enhancing the overall patient experience with unique cultural entertainment.

Dental Clinic Turkey

Surpassing +50,000 Happy Guests in More Than +78 Countries

dental clinic istanbul reviews

📸 Our guest from Australia 🇦🇺has chosen our dental clinic in Istanbul 🇹🇷 to have a smile makeover! A healthy and beautiful smile is always the key to confidence. We are proud to provide this spec
We embarked on a special journey in our clinic at the heart of Istanbul for our esteemed guest from Germany! 😊✈️🇹🇷🦷 With smile design and advanced technology implants, we turned our patient's dr
International Smile Meeting! 🇷🇴✈️🇹🇷Today we have a special guest in our clinic! They came from Romania to Istanbul just for us! 🌍✨Our patient-focused approach and customized smile design tran
Today, we are delighted to invite you to the smile transformation journey of a very special patient! 🌟🦷🤩This wonderful patient, who hails from Bulgaria, has come to our dental clinic in Istanbul
🦷 Our beloved Aişle from Romania visited our fantastic dental clinic in Istanbul and began her smile design journey! 😁💎 We would like to share this wonderful experience with all those who want to f
🌟✨ We are thrilled to welcome our wonderful patient from the enchanting lands of Romania! Welcome to our clinic in Istanbul; we are here to redesign your smile! 💎💫💄🦷 Smile design is a meticulou
🦷 Our dear patient came from France to Istanbul for smile design and chose us! 😁✨ If you also want to have a healthy and aesthetic smile, meet our expert team. We offer you the smile you've always d
"We are welcoming our beautiful patient from Russia to our dental clinic in Istanbul to create a smile design! 🌟🦷 While exploring the magnificent beauty of Istanbul, we are here to perfect your smil
Healthy smiles are always the key to happiness! 😁✨ At Lema Dental Clinic, we take pride in offering you the best dental care services. We're here to help you achieve brighter, healthier teeth and a c
Italy's warm breezes 🌞 meet the enchanting atmosphere of Istanbul 🇹🇷! We invite our special guest from Italy to the magical world of smile design in Istanbul. We are aware of the significant import
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Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul
Globally Celebrated
for Unrivaled Success

Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul stands out in healthcare, acclaimed for innovation, digital patient satisfaction, and setting industry benchmarks with personalized approaches.

Personalized Language Support
Your Dedicated Assistant at Lema Dental Clinic

At Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul, each patient is matched with a dedicated assistant who speaks their native language. This personalized approach provides clear communication and dedicated support throughout your entire dental treatment journey, increasing both comfort and satisfaction with dental treatment results.

Lema Dental provides language-matched assistants for clear communication and support, ensuring a comfortable dental journey with satisfying results.

The Largest Clinic in Europe Spanning 4000m²

Discover Our
Expert Doctors

At Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul, patients are welcomed into a world where dental care is transformed by technology and personalized attention. The clinic boasts a team of expert dentists who specialize in creating fully digital smile designs. With a commitment to tailor each treatment plan to the individual's needs, the clinic ensures that every patient experiences the most advanced and customized dental treatment available.

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As Lema Clinic, We have been featured in some of the world's most read magazines.

Lema Dental Clinic
10,000+ Patient Story

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dental clinic reviews

Nick Farrow

Come back for a repair on one of my teeth after speaking with the team. Fixed exactly how I wanted and put me in a lovely hotel, staff are very friendly would deffo recommend using these guys if you fancy yourself some new Turkey teeth!
dental clinic reviews

Courtney Sweet

It's been almost 4 months since I received my beautiful smile from Lema Dental Clinic Istanbul. Life has changed for me dramatically. Lema Dental Clinic gave me a confident smile. The service was perfect from start to finish. The hotel was clean and so were the cars they provided for our appointment. If you are looking for a Hollywood smile with no hidden fees go to Lema Clinic.
dental clinic reviews

Miglena Stoyanova

I met the best service at Lema Clinic. I would like to thank the doctors, especially Mr. Ahmet and Mr. Agah, and all the staff. I love you very much.
dental clinic reviews

Felipe Alvarez Castillo

Thank you Lema, thank you for everything, I would like to thank Lema Gülçin and Jale, as well as my doctor Tolga ❤️
dental clinic reviews

Edmundo Sá

Best dental clinic Istanbul VIP transport. 5 star hotel, has excellent staff, and the sheets are shiny and perfect. Thank you very much I am a new man now.
dental clinic reviews


Great clinic Great professionals! Service was perfect! Im very pleased with the results! Totally recommend it! Keep on the good work
dental clinic reviews

Mihal Aleksiev

I came here in Nissan Month, 7 implants were made for me, I just came in October and everything is over, the result was perfect, everything was as I wanted, everyone treated me very well, Onur brother, Ahmet brother, ayğyah brother, everyone is very nice.
dental clinic reviews


My experience at Lema was 10/10, such a professional clinic I have nothing bad to say!The owner Onur made sure my experience and procedure went smoothly which it did! I have the most amazing smile which I am so happy about! If you are looking for a clinic to go to and get a new smile Lema is this one you won’t regret it! Thankyou Lema clinic
dental clinic reviews

Abdel Nasla

Thank you Lema Clinic, it is a very nice place, very caring 😍
dental clinic reviews

Mark Gal

Hi! It’s Mark here the CEO of my company from Hungary (plasticwithmark) which is an agency, so we here to try to help find the best clinics for our patients and the Lema is the best option for all of those who wanna have the best Hollywood smile ever. We had few patients done with them and everyone was so satisfied and happy with their new smile. The clinic, the stuff and the quality was excellent. So we highly recommend to those who wanna have nice smile.
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