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Teeth Whitening – Bleaching

Yellowed and stained teeth… Has your smile lost its shine? What if teeth whitening was a solution to increase the whiteness of your teeth and make your smile your best asset!

Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching the teeth in the oral environment, is an aesthetic application that, as the name suggests, helps to lighten the color of your teeth and thus regain the radiance of your smile.

What is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)?

Teeth whitening is a dental treatment related to the aesthetic part of this specialty. With this treatment, it is possible to lighten teeth and remove stains to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Every patient is unique, and every set of teeth is unique. For this reason, teeth whitening results will differ from person to person. It is important that patients have a realistic goal before having this treatment.

Although the vast majority of patients achieve a visibly whiter and brighter smile, it is not always possible to achieve a perfect white color. This depends on the natural color of the tooth enamel.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Before understanding how bleaching works, it’s important to know what causes teeth to turn yellow. Knowing what causes yellow teeth, whether natural or acquired, will help you maintain whiter teeth longer after treatment.

Before we tell you what to do to whiten yellow teeth, here are some of the reasons why teeth turn yellow:

Natural color of teeth: We all have a different shade of enamel, which can range from yellow to bright white.

Age-Over the years, teeth tend to turn yellow and dark due to wear and accumulation of crusted stains. As time passes, it becomes more and more difficult, if not impossible, to whiten teeth.

Translucency—The thicker and opaque the teeth are, the more white they will tend to be. Conversely, thinner and more transparent teeth will have a more yellowish appearance and will also be more difficult to treat.

Eating habits- Tea, coffee, wine, and other colored foods gradually stain the teeth, turning them yellowish or gray over time. In addition, acidic foods directly attack tooth enamel, thinning the tooth surface. This makes the staining on the teeth even more evident.

Smoking-Cigarette is the number one enemy of your teeth as well as your health. Nicotine gradually stains and discolors your teeth.

Trauma: An impacted tooth may be darker than the others.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

The benefits of teeth whitening are as follows:

The procedure is painless, effective and fast. Teeth whitening is a painless procedure, so you don’t have to be afraid. Depending on the type of whitening you apply, it is also possible to achieve excellent results in a single session. These results are generally very satisfactory.

It rejuvenates you. Since teeth become stained over the years, another benefit of bleaching is that by whitening your teeth, you can rejuvenate your smile and therefore your overall appearance.

How Can Lema Clinic Help You With Bleaching?

Now that you are ready to get rid of your teeth stains, here is how our dentists will perform the teeth whitening (bleaching) process:

Consultation – The first step in our teeth whitening process is a consultation with one of our dentists. During this consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth to determine if you are a suitable candidate for our in-office Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

It will also assess the extent of your tooth staining and provide an estimate of the number of whitening sessions required to achieve the desired level of whiteness. This consultation is important to ensure that bleaching is safe and effective for you.

See Results – After the procedure is complete, you can expect to see an impressive improvement in the color of your teeth; some patients experience up to eight tons of lightening in a single session. Results are usually noticeable soon after treatment ends.

For many patients, a single session is usually sufficient to restore their smile and facial aesthetics. However, in patients with very heavy spots, more than one session may be required to achieve the desired results.

Why is Lema Clinic the Best Choice for Teeth Whitening?

At this point you ask yourself “why should I go to Lema Clinic?” you may ask. Here is your answer:

Seeing is Believing: We can guarantee that you will see a significant difference in the color of your teeth after just one teeth whitening session. This is because we use the best and most effective teeth whitening formula widely used in the best cosmetic dentistry practices worldwide.

Our treatment is designed to deliver fast and visible results, so you can trust your smile.

We have expertise! : While it is important to use a high-quality teeth whitening formula, we believe that the skill and expertise of the dentist is equally important to achieve the best possible results.

That’s why we have a team of highly trained and experienced cosmetic dentists, each with advanced degrees in their field. When you choose us for your bleaching, you can trust that you are in safe and capable hands.

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