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Dt. Hatice Üçbudak

Hatice Üçbudak was born on July 6th, 1995. She completed her university education in the Dentistry Department at Kocaeli University. Throughout her academic career, Üçbudak was a successful student and after graduation, she became a successful dentist.

Starting her professional career at Lema Clinic, Hatice Üçbudak served as a dentist there. During this time, she treated many patients and specialized in diagnosing and treating various dental diseases.

Üçbudak has made a name for herself with her successful work in her professional career. She actively participated in seminars aimed at raising awareness about children’s dental health. Moreover, she kept her professional knowledge up-to-date by attending numerous national and international conferences and symposiums.

In addition to her professional life, Hatice Üçbudak has also played an active role in social responsibility projects. She participated in events organized to raise awareness about dental health in society. Additionally, she fulfilled her social responsibility by providing free dental treatment services to families in need.

Today, Hatice Üçbudak continues to serve as a successful dentist at Lema Clinic. She strives to continuously improve herself and keep her professional knowledge up-to-date. Additionally, she continues to participate in social responsibility projects.

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